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A tribute to the wilderness, to the landscapes of the vast savannah where the world’s most emblematic animals live, this Haviland & Parlon collection created by the artist Arielle de Brichambaut is the fruit of memories of a distant journey. In her story, the artist recalls beautiful encounters, elephants, lions, zebras and gazelles strolling in peace. It’s important to remember… So what could be more necessary than to draw the giraffe’s neck or the cheetah’s spots… The decor is thus born!

Buffet plate

Dinner plate

Dessert plate

Bread & butter plate

Cream jug

Tea pot

Sugar bowl

Breakfast cup and saucer

Tea cup and saucer

Coffee cup and saucer

Collection in details




Versailles White

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon

14 ancienne route d’Aixe, Isle, 87170

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